Our Leadership

Message from the Chair

It is a great honor for me to chair the Seamark Ranch Board of Directors at this stage in our history. Those of us who became involved at the very beginning, when a Christian Ranch for abandoned and/or abused children needing love and hope was only a vision, look back on our development as having been divinely guided.

The hand of God has been on Seamark every step of the way and especially when we needed help the most. Shortly after the unsettling events of 9/11/01, our founders, Keith and April Denton, felt led to bring to Jacksonville their concept for the Ranch based upon Keith’s experience being raised in a similar home in Alabama. A remarkable group of people networked and dreamed, bringing to life the Dentons’ vision in 2007 as we opened to our first children. Timing was critical as we were fully operational and debt-free when the U.S. economy fell into crisis in 2008.

We brought together a remarkable and committed team led by Fred Meiners, our Executive Director, and persevered through the country’s worst financial times since the Great Depression. Today we are changing lives and demonstrating the potential of that vision first stirred in 2001.

We are well-positioned to grow and help our children be all they can be.


Susan Hamilton
Seamark Ranch Board Chair





  • Ryan M. Schmitt, Chair
    Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors Inc.
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Aaron Kendrick III, Treasurer
    Senior Director
    Jacksonville Port Authority
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Vicki Gillander, Secretary
    Jacksonville, Florida



  • Megan Brown
    District Manager
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Walt Bussells
    Forbes Street Capital
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Greg Clary
    Clary and Associates, Inc.
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Theresa Dahl
    Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

  • Drew Frick
    General Counsel
    Gate Petroleum
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Rick Graham
    Healthcare Consulting
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • T.R. Hainline Jr.
    Rogers Towers, P.A.
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Susan Hamilton
    Retired CSX/Consultant
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Ward Huntley
    Orange Park, Florida

  • Brian Knight
    Pragmatic Works
    Middleburg, Florida

  • Susan Mack
    Special Counsel
    Adams and Reese, LLP
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Will Montoya
    Montoya & Associates
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Mark A. Morley
    The Ohmega Group
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Richard L. Myers MD
    North Florida OB/GYN Associates
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Emily B. Smith
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • James R. Weeks
    Clay County Tax Collector
    Green Cove Springs, Florida

  • Allene Zvara
    Jacksonville, Florida

Our Founding Leadership

    Our Founders

  • Keith and April Denton

    Board Members Emeritus

  • John B. Coxwell
    J.B. Coxwell Contracting Inc.
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Brenda Davis
    Community Volunteer
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • Ken Wilson
    Gate Lands Company
    Jacksonville, Florida

Ranch Leadership


Administration Team

Ranch Team



  • Lamar and Nancy Grimes
  • Chris and Lindsay Harvey





ranch office
3631 seamark ranch rd
jacksonville, fl 32043
(904) 529-1951


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